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Search all data

If this check box is selected, the discrete data type list   will be disabled and you will search all data

Search for specific data

If  is unchecked you can select specific data types to search

Search phrase

the text to search



Search phrase syntax


name and text

You can search by name and text.

example: name:Formula AND text:"test text" will search for formulas containing text "test text". The same can be achieved by selecting object type formula and search for "test text" without specifying text:. However, name/text syntax allows you to search for formula containing "text 1" or table containing "text 2" (name:Formula AND text:"test 1") OR (name:Table AND text:"test 2")

range search

You can provide start and end value for the search in curly brackets and TO.

example: text:{Chicago TO Sacramento}

boosting values

If you would like one value to be considered more relevant than another use the symbol ^ .

example:  "Los Angeles"^4 "New York" will search for records containing Los Angeles or New York , but records with Los Angeles will be ordered at the beginning

boolean search

You can use OR, AND, - and NOT


"Los Angeles" "New York"  and "Los Angeles" OR "New York" will find records containing Los Angeles or New York. Note that using multiple values without operator will be considered OR

"Los Angeles" AND "New York" will find records containing both Los Angeles and New York

"Los Angeles" -"New York"  or "Los Angeles" NOT "New York" will find records containing Los Angeles and not containing New York. Records containing New York will be excluded even if they contain Los Angeles.


You can combine OR and AND using grouping

example ("Los Angeles" OR  "New York") AND transport will find all records containing transport and one or both of Los Angeles and New York 

wild card

You can use * and ? to replace multiple characters and single character

example Los* will find all records starting with Los (Los Angeles, Los Gatos etc.) L?s* will find all records starting with Los, Las (Los Angeles, Los Gatos, Las Vegas etc.), *angel* anything containing the word angel (Los Angeles, Angels camp etc)

fuzzy search

You can search for similar words using ~ and a parameter for similarity between 0 (absolutely different) to 1 ( the same). For example car~0.8 will find car, bar, cat. Search is done using Levenshtein distance. The default value for similarity parameter if omitted is 0.5

proximity search

you can find words withing certain distance using ~ and a parameter describing the max number of words between the searched words 

example "hot topic"~2 will find records which contain hot and topic and there are max 2 words between them

escape characters

These are the special characters used in search + - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \  If you need to search for one of them you can use \

example if you are searching for 2+2 you will need to write it as 2\+2











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