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Project Documentation




Documentation about whole project could be generated using right mouse menu





Use all topics

When checked all available topics will be exported and the list will be disabled

Use selected topics

When is unchecked you can select just few of the topics. For example, export just formulas or SQL queries. Errors and Warning are generated by Code Search Pro and might be useful, since they will include the list of formulas with errors or not in use

Documentation format

Export to HTML or PDF

Page breaks

When project documentation is exported to PDF you have the choice to create continuous file or each report to start on a new page. For big projects, with thousands of reports, you might be forced to use page breaks because you may receive "Out of Memory" error if you try to create a continuous file. The way how PDF files are generated is different with and without page breaks. When using page breaks, Code Search Pro will create separate files and will combine them in a single final file directly on the disk without loading the final file in memory. When generating continuous PDF Code Search Pro will create single file, which will grow and the computer may run out of memory. If you try to generate PDF documentation and you get "Out of memory" use the "Add page breaks" option.




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