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Create Project




New project screen has multiple tabs. The first tab "Main" is the same for all project types.

The other tabs will depend on selection in field Project type

Project name

Custom project name


Free text description for informational purposes

Project type

Select the project type withing the available types


Crystal reports project

Reports folder

The main folder to scan for reports

Process sub-folders

Include/ exclude reports from sub-folders

Method to set parallel tasks

There are 3 settings

Default. the value is defined in the main settings screen.

Number of Processors. Number of tasks will be set to the number of available cores on the computer. There is a additional option "Reduce with", which allows some cores to be left for other processes.

Fixed number. Just provide the number of tasks you want to use.

Parallel tasks info

Will show a tool-tip with explanation for the current Parallel tasks' settings. Below is the description when option "Number of Processors (Cores)" is selected.






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