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Apply reports connections and Deploy




This command is useful when you need to update reports to be used in different environment. For example, the reports in the original folder use connections to Test environment and you would like to create 2 new set of reports, one for Staging environment and one for Production environment


The group of connections to the databases used in one environment is named connection set. First you need to create a connection set for each environment.

Create/edit/delete tool bar

Buttons to create,  edit and delete connection sets

Connection set

This is a collection of all connections used in the reports in the project for a single environment

Sets list

List of connections sets

Deployment folder

The folder where processed reports will be copied. The hierarchy of the original project folder will be recreated so report  \original folder\subfolder1\report.rpt will be copied to \deployment folder\subfolder1\report.rpt

Errors folder

All reports with errors during connection update will be copied to this folder. Hierarchy will be recreated.



Connection set



Connection set name

The name of the connection set. This name will be used in the connection set list in the parent dialog

Replace single connection

Button to assign new connection to a single report connection

Replace multiple connections

Select multiple report connections and use this button to assign new connection to all of them. Often report connections have small differences, capital/lower case or different users. This button will allow you to select multiple report connections (press control or shift and select) and assign a single new connection

Connections used in reports

The list of original report connections

New connections

The list of corresponding new connections


Deployment result

Code Search Pro will create a report with information about the result of each report update.





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